Winter Light I & II




Featured image: Tiffany Titshall,
The Guardian, 2018, charcoal and ink
on primed paper, 
655 x 650mm framed
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Winter Light I & II

17 July to  5 September 2021

Winter Light I & Winter Light II provide a snapshot into the creative energy of visual artists living in the northern and southern parts of the Central Goldfields Shire.

While the geographic locale in which these artists live is a linking theme; so to is the radiance that emits from their art. These exhibitions provide an opportunity to celebrate local visual arts talent over the colder and darker months of the year.

Winter Light I – Anna Ashton, Tenar Dwyer and Val Wilkinson
Artists from Bealiba and Dunolly, Central Victoria

Winter Light II –  Rosy Hardress, Jason Luca, Belinda Michael, Fiona Somerville and Tiffany Titshall
Artists from Majorca and Talbot, Central Victoria


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Take a video tour of the exhibition – click here

Video transcript:

I want to share with you a short tour of two exhibitions at Central Goldfields Art Gallery.  While the gallery is closed we can enjoy the art in a digital tour.  I chose the names Winter Light I and Winter Light II because the exhibitions were on display during the winter months and also because I feel there is a radiance to all of the work that could be celebrated in the colder and darker times of the year.  Where the artists live was another way of organising these exhibitions. Winter Light I features art by artists living in Bealiba and Dunolly while Winter Light II features art by artists living in Majorca and Talbot.

Let’s start with Winter Light I.

Birds with Attitude is a series of paintings that resulted from Val Wilkinson’s tour to all of Australia’s National Parks over 10 years. 

Tenar Dwyer is an artist working with oil paints.  From a birds nest to gum boots, she creatively responds to what she sees in her immediate environment around Bealiba

Anna Ashton incorporated light to her felt sculptures; some of which she created for this exhibition.  She is interested in the way light emphasises the texture of the felt that she sculpts into different forms.  Here is a magical looking tree where goblins live.

Now let’s look at Winter Light II.

Fiona Somerville’s blue stone buildings bob up and down in a sea of pink waves set against a luminous sky.  Light is an enduring fascination for this artist who has previously included imaginary buildings in her paintings.  Now the historic buildings around Talbot where she moved to feature in her paintings but in their own fairy tale like settings.  

Rosy Hardress’ heroes when she was growing up were all knitters. She mastered knitting and crocheting skills from an early age and uses these techniques to create contemporary art works. In this new series of lanterns, she incorporates old nudel bowls, tins and jewellery. Influences for this work include Arabian/Turkish lanterns and the 1960s TV series “I dream of Jeannie”.

Belinda Michael’s ceramic work is called Natural Variation.  A number of the nine different sculptures are created from clay around her local Talbot environment while others are made from white, commercial clay.

Michael is interested in the history and politics of place; from the Indigenous to the Settler history.  This is expressed through works made individually out of the two sources of clay and in an amalgamation of the two.

Optical illusions have always interested Jason Luca. This fascination with intricate geometric patterning is the basis for the design of his ceramic works.  Each would have taken at least a week to create with the risk of cracking during the firing process. But this did not happen here.

The series of charcoal drawings by Tiffany Titshall came about after she returned to her home in Majorca from a trip to Portugal in 2018. Titshall was caught in the bushfires and creating these artworks was an artistic response to this experience.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Winter Light I and Winter Light II and the glimpse into the creativity of contemporary visual arts practice within Central Goldfields Shire.