This is a series of online exhibitions that include contributions from right across the community – from young children to seniors, professional artists to some that have not picked up a paintbrush or pencil in a while!


Exhibition 4 – June 2020  



Sharon Hare – Maryborough 

By the Cliffs

I was born and live locally in Maryborough. I studied art at school and haven't produced many artworks since! My mum encouraged me to take up the challenge again. l joined a small local art group who give lots of encouragement! Nature, the sea and everchanging skies are the inspiration for this work.


Gabriele Brauer – feathers, 2020,watercolour


Gabriele Brauer – Maryborough Education Centre Art Teacher

Feathers, 2020
Watercolour on paper

This watercolour is a study of feathers I collected to draw on my beach walks during the holidays. I like the lines that are present in feathers if you look very closely, and looking for patterns in the natural world.



Elissa Parsons – By the River acrylic on canvas


Elissa Parsons 

By the River
Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 100cm

This painting follows the natural curved shapes and lines that already exist in nature. 





Kirra P – Independence, Digital artwork.jpg  

Kirra P – Warrnambool (Aged 10)

Digial Artwork

About my art: I based it off of myself because I like to be independent, and my inspiration behind it is that we had to do it for a task at school, and independence describes my spirituality.





Daniel Dimopoulos – Leaves  

Daniel Dimopoulos  – Campbells Creek (Aged 3)

Diptych, Acrylic on paper

Leaves on the tree are green on the trees at the start of Autumn and brown/yellow on the ground by the end of Autumn.





'China Ted' by Andrea Ebsworth


Andrea Ebsworth – Maldon

China Ted
'Pique Assiette' Mosaic Sculpture




Goldfields Family Centre – kindergarten, Maryborough

Transport pictures by children in the Kookaburra group

Transport pictures ALORA


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough




Transport pictures BLAKE


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures MACY


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures APRIL


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures Oliver F

Oliver F.

Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures ASHLYN


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures OLIVER


Oliver L.

Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough



Transport pictures COOPER


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures WILLIAM


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures BEAU


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures ISABEL


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough




Transport pictures RHILEY


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough





Transport pictures DAKODA


Goldfields Family Centre – Maryborough







Exhibition 3 – May 2020



Tenar Dwyer, Self Contained

Tenar Dwyer
 – Bealiba

Self Contained 
Oil on linen

This painting is my attempt to offer a counterpoint to all the noise and fear surrounding the news about the coronavirus pandemic. I have attempted to capture the beauty and simplicity that can be found in aloneness and recreate the opportunity for stillness that this pandemic has provided all of us.




James Walsh, Cocky


James Walsh – Aged  11, Maryborough

Cocky on a branch
Acrylic on paper

It’s a wild cocky sitting on a tree branch with sunflowers below in a open field of grass, dead grass, dried up lake and trees.




 Patricia Walsh,The LastFlower

Patricia Walsh – 
Adelaide Lead, Maryborough

The Last Flower
Oil on canvas

No commitments, socialisation or routine means more free time to paint every day. A positive aspect of the Cornavirus for me. 





Lylah Fraser's Dragon – 8yo

Lylah Fraser
 – Aged 8, Maryborough

Blue Fire Dragon

I love dragons because they are really big, they can fly and breathe fire. There are also lots of dragon types and my favourite is the Electric Dragon because they spit out electricity and it also comes out of their wings when they fly super fast.






Jill Wyers – Havelock

Dipping into Gold

Living in the Goldfields does not present many opportunities for visiting the beach, therefore this digitally enhanced photograph conjures up in my mind that of the sensation of digging my toes into the sand which in turn is interpreted as factual memory.




Cara Lyon,Rainbow Cat Girl, digital art


Cara Lyon – Daisy Hill

Rainbow cat girl
Digital art 

I loved making this.




Tyson Knight JibanyanB



Tyson Knight – Aged 11, Maryborough

Yo Kai watch Blasters
Texta and Sharpie pens, grey lead pencil

Jibanyan B fighting the dragon in the rain to put out the fire.




SMILEY WILLIAMS Studio 3 April2 020


Smiley Williams – Elphinstone

Watercolour test
Watercolour on paper

I am somewhat new to this medium, I usually use oil or gouache. Its a challenging process and still full of mystery for me...but I will persist.




Dakoda Knight, texta on paper


Dakoda Knight – Aged 4, Maryborough 

The 3 Trolls
Texta and Sharpie pens


The 3 Trolls having a swim in the water.




Charlotte Brown, 14, Curiosity


Charlotte Brown – Aged 14 

Acrylic paint and markers on paper 2020

A curious girl in a black forest curiously wondering what is beyond her view.




Taya Knight, 6yo

Taiya Knight – Aged
 6, Maryborough

The crew and captain thunder 
Texta and Sharpie pens

The crew is fighting captain thunder.




Vanessa Parker butterfly

Vanessa Parker – 
Daisy Hill

Butterfly before first light
Digital Illustration

I love the metaphor a butterfly provides through times of change. Life is a cycle and by embracing the change, beauty will flourish. This is a woodcut inspired illustration that I created following an online tutorial my sister-in-law made.




Harper, 4 years


Harper – Aged 4, Maryborough

Bubble art





Roxanne, 3 years


Roxanne – Aged 3, Maryborough  

Bubble art





Oliver 3 years


Oliver – Aged 3, Maryborough  

Rubber band art




Blaize, 3 years


Blaize – Aged 3 , Maryborough  

Rubber band art





EMILY LUCAS, aged 6-5 Nature Collage


Emily Lucas – Aged 6.5, Castlemaine

Nature Collage




Grace Lucas, Aged 4-5 Nature Collage


Grace Lucas
– Aged 4.5, Castlemaine

Leaf person
Nature Collage





Oscar, Aged 23 Months


Oscar – Aged 23 months, Maryborough




Holley, Aged 12 Months  

Holley – Aged 12 months, Maryborough






Exhibition 2 – April 2020



Susan Campbell-Wright Crochet EAT UGLY FRUIT

Susan Campbell-Wright (from Amphitheatre)

Eat Ugly Fruit
Crochet with #40 cotton crochet thread

This doily is designed to prompt thought about the things that support our lives and where they come from in an age when many people seem to be detached from the realities of existence. 




JAN CHAPMAN, J & Js Life, mixed media

Jan Chapman

J & J's Life
Mixed Media


The work includes pictures, stamps, symbols and logos that represent all aspects of the lives of Jan’s sister Joyce and Joyce’s husband, including their hobbies, history, places they have lived and family, the work is full of lots of little details.






Chad McGoldrick Birds Don't Always Eat Spiders, felt pen drawing


Chad McGoldrick-Ford (age 4)

Birds don't always eat spiders
Felt Pen




SANDY COVENTRY, Eggs Still life, Oil on Linen 2020


Sandy Coventry

Eggs, still life
Oil on Linen, 24 x 19cm

Using everyday things I had at home, my aim was to capture the sheen and glow of the eggshells, the play of light on the eggs and fabric to create a fairly minimal yet homely culinary image.





Carmen Ebinger Majorca

Carmen Ebinger


This little painting is of the scenery from my front window, of a neighbour's property. I was looking out the window one day and saw the storm clouds brewing and thought this would make a wonderful painting. I look at it every day and despite the darkening sky, instantly feel at peace.





ANDREAEBSWORTH One person's view is another person's pile of dishes ceramic sculpture


Andrea Ebsworth

One person's view is another's pile of dishes 
Ceramic sculpture

It has always been a desire of mine to stack a range of functional pieces together and fire them as a sculpture. It was recently displayed as part of the Maldon Art Walk for the Castlemaine State Festival in the front window of the Maldon Butchers.





Christine Fletcher, lillies, watercolour


Christine Fletcher


Flowers bring a smile too. These looked lovely in the light and my aim was to capture them as they appeared. Flowers can be a boost to our spirits, a reminder of the beauty in the world and the perfection and peace of nature at its’ best.





Ellen Hansa, ceramic pot

Ellen Hansa


In these dark times I needed to bring a little joy into my life.





ROSY HARDRESS teapot. sculpture


Rosy Hardress (from Talbot)

Textile and teapot sculpture

I love rescuing unloved teapots and dressing them with exaggerated, whimsical tea cosies.





Christopher Orr, Summer's Gift, Elwood foreshore


Christopher Orr (from Maryborough)

Summer's gift. Elwood foreshore.

Oil on board, 60 x 90cm

The work is not especially ‘new’ but one in which should uplift during these troubled times. It was created in response to the need to simply get out into nature, and how easy is it to walk along a beach and smell the sea air and feel the breezes of a summer day? Ahh, enough said, enjoy!




Elissa Parsons, Along the way, Acrylic and fine point pen


Elissa Parsons

Along the way
Acrylic and Fine point pen on canvas,  2 x 50 x 40cm

This piece reflected my desire to get back to simplicity and a sense of calm expressed by the colour selection.




DEB SEALY Frangipani


Deb Sealey (from Dunolly)

Acrylic on canvas board, 30cm x 30cm

This painting is one of a series that I have done which I have also simply titled 'My Florals'




Michael Watson – self portrait in oil

Michael Watson

Isolation Self Portrait
Oil, 31/03/20

Amidst these dreary and uncertain times, I've decided to take a step back from colour and work tonally. Focusing on chiaroscuro and simplification, this is my latest oil painting. Back to the fundamentals.





Exhibition 1 – April 2020


Welcome to the first Positivity Through Creativity exhibition.

This is the first in a series of online exhibitions presented by Central Goldfields Art Gallery that presents art work made right across our local and wider community.  We are thrilled by the response to our call out!

We are all creative. Creativity lifts our spirits, it helps us to share our experiences, and gain an insight into how others may be thinking and feeling.  We are all connected and an exhibition like this, at this time, is really important. 

Now's a chance to get out a paintbrush or pencils, take photographs or make a sculpture out of things you have lying around the house.  We seek contributions from children through to professional artists.  This is an ongoing opportunity for everyone!   

Looking at this selection of work lifts my spirit.  It makes me realise again the innate creativity in us all.  From the joy of a rainbow as depicted by Emily Lucas through to Ian Kemp's abstraction of what he observed on a one hour walk around his local block. Inspiration comes from many sources and we all have the capacity to express it in so many ways.

I am proud to launch Positivity Through Creativity and look forward to the next exhibition, which may well include your work!

Noel Harvey OAM 
Chief Administrator,
Central Goldfields Shire




ZOE AMOR Cross Pollination II, Sculpture on Plaster base Bronze 2020

Zoe Amor

Cross Pollination II , 2020
Bronze Sculpture on Plaster Base


This work extends my sculptural series Life on Earth/Cross – pollination; giving expression to an essential environmental, cultural and evolutionary phenomena with a focus on the qualities of bees whose actions, anatomy and structures have changed little since the Jurassic period. 



Jennifer Bacon, Memories are made of this, textile 2020.jpg  

Jennifer Bacon

Memories are made of this
Quilted textile, December 2019


Did you know that scent is one of the strongest triggers of memory? These old fashioned roses remind me of Jessie and Alice, my grandmothers, who inspired me to garden, to sew and to love and make art.




Lucinda Kaptein Gringel – Aged 7 

Love of Nature
Coloured pencil and felt tip pen on paper, March 2020


Nature is very inspiring. I love it a lot I always will. With my Mum there to guide me my love for nature will only get bigger. PS. from Lucinda



IAN KEMP artwork 2020


Ian Kemp

Untitled 2020

Being inspired by the work of Maarten Rots, a Dutch photographer, I took a one hour walk around a few blocks in the Ballarat CBD to look for abstract details in the streetscape. This is one of the images that resulted in the process.





Emily Lucas – Aged 6 years


Acrylic paint on paper, March 2020

It's a rainbow with rain coming down. When rain and sun mix together they make a rainbow. And I love rainbows.






Grace Lucas – Aged 4.5 years

Acrylic paint on paper, March 2020

They are Easter eggs. The green ones are lollies.



BRENDAN NICHOLL oil painting 'Smokey Light' 2020


Brendon Nicholl

Smokey Light 2020
Oil on linen 


The smoke was in the air even though the fire was far away. The light was notable and with favourable conditions for a couple of hours, I was able to paint this quickly.  Later, I had fun with the recycled frame,  glazing it until I got the right effect.


KAY PARKIN glass mosaic


Kay Parkin

Untitled, Glass Mosaic,
created 6–7 years ago


This is my second attempt at working with beautiful glass to create a mosaic tile. Unfortunately I haven't had time to continue with this until now, and my ambition is to attend a Deborah Halpern workshop.



DESMA WANNEMACHER, Japanese water Iris, textile art wall hanging 2020  

Desma Wannenmacher

Japanese Water Iris water
Textile art, wall hanging, designed and sewn by Desma


Technique: Broderie Perse; Fabric: Japanese Kimono Fabric; Hand appliqué and quilting


SmileyWilliams_Studio oil 2020.jpg


Smiley Williams

Studio oil  2020, 41 x 71 cm


This oil painting on linen, was completed in my studio from a smaller gouache that was initially painted at Mt Tarrengower, near Maldon, in Central Victoria.



We know that the current COVID-19 pandemic is negatively affecting the incomes of many artists. While the role of a public art gallery is not to sell artwork, if you are interested in any of the artworks you see in the Positivity Through Creativity exhibitions, please email us with the details of the artwork you are interested in and we will send on your contact details to the artist and a potential purchase can be arranged between both parties (the gallery will not be involved in any potential sales of artwork).