Results from the Business Survey in April 2020

News from the survey:

Back in April 2020, 68 businesses had responded to the Shire's COVID-19 Business Survey.

  • A high proportion of responses came from the Food and Drink Industry and overall most businesses – approximately 75% of businesses overall - are still operating. 
  • A large proportion of businesses are being impacted by the pandemic, with economic impacts being noted as reduced turnover, high downturn in trade, no bookings, reduction in employee hours and less jobs being booked. 
  • The emotional impacts were noted as high stress.  Up to 30% of respondents have had to stand down staff. 
  • It is perceived business prospects will continue to be impacted by the pandemic, with concerns about closure, financial impact, losses, lack of staff and a movement of products and services online.  Elements that may impact recovery include finance, regulations, access to staff and utility services.
  • Businesses in the Shire were being innovative and adapting to the situation, with some businesses using this time to educate themselves or extend aspects of their business, or change their business model to facilitate delivery services or live training. 
  • There were numerous strategies being utilised by businesses to respond to the pandemic, some saying they were taking it day by day, or week by week. Terms such as ‘survival’ or ‘hibernation’ were common. 
  • There was a positive note with a number of respondents stating they believe it will be ‘business as usual’ once the pandemic has passed.
  • Respondents were showing high compliance with the governments COVID-19 requirements, using social distancing, PPE or undertaking training (the Dept. of Health E-Cert).
  • People responding to both the survey and to direct calls indicated that they appreciated being contacted by Council at this time.